FIPRON STICKER is a miniature, autonomous, local fire suppression extinguisher. It is intended to protect against inflammation in the electric sockets, junction boxes, power distribution boards, electric cabinets, and other electrical equipment having confined space of 0.2 to 60 dm3.  

FIPRON STICKER is efficient for liquidating fires of class A, B, C, and is intended for the protection of any electric interconnections. Its operating temperature is 120℃ and is normal ambient temperature rage is from -50℃ to +80℃ with relative humidity of 90%.

FIPRON STICKER is placed directly in a protected socket, socket box, or electrical distribution box, in a place where a potential short circuit, overheating or spark formation may occur. Even though most of the electrical equipment is made from the materials which are fire resistant, fires usually start from fumes which are released from the equipment, wiring, insulation material, when a certain temperature is reached.