Scope of Application

All FIPRON products have unlimited scope of use because it can be applied to any area or place where there is an electrical interconnection. Being miniature in size and ranging all the way to the FIPRON CORD, which can cover large areas.  FIPRON products may be installed in wall sockets, electrical panels, control boards, server areas, computer work-stations, televisions, refrigerators, and many other consumer products. FIPRON CORD can easily be installed in small, medium, and large electrical boxes which do not have any other alternative for fire extinguishing. New installation is very easy and does not require any alteration to the existing electrical equipment or hosing, thereby making it the most cost effective new security addition to the existing fire extinguishing systems.

Commercial uses are virtually unlimited, due to their vast electrical wire networks. Public places like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and large residential and office buildings will be secured to the greater extent with FIPRON product technology.

FIPRON products are creating an additional industry in fire prevention. FIPRON does not compete with existing fire extinguishing systems, but rather creates a security added function by addressing fire risks at the source. Working directly over the inflammation source, FIPRON products work locally, autonomously, eliminating damage to the equipment being protected, as opposed to the traditional fire extinguishers. Automotive industry, petroleum industry, gas stations, subways, buses, and electrical power generation companies will all benefit from the use of FIPRON products and potentially will be able to cause the reduction of fire hazard insurance premiums.