FIPRON CORD is a cord type of fire extinguisher. It is a new generation of fire suppression product consisting of composite materials having a mixture of microcapsules with a heating compound. Under the effects of a fire or a temperature of 120℃ at any of its point, an initiation of the heating compound occurs with subsequent chemical reaction throughout its length. The reaction results in the bursting of all microcapsules of the extinguishing agent.

FIPRON CORD extinguishes inflammation sources at early stages of fire, prevents distribution of fire beyond limits of a protected space, and excludes repeated ignition in the protected space for over 30 minutes. Due to its elasticity it is simple in installation, does not require power source, and remains in standby mode for over five years. Its operating temperature is 120℃ and is normal ambient temperature rage is from -50℃ to +80℃ with relative humidity of 90%.