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About us


FIPRON is a multinational company that invents and manufactures unique solutions for firefighting for more than 10 years. We have attracted specialists from all over the world to bring the latest innovations in fire extinguishing.

R & D


Our composite materials made with the FIPRON technology have the capability to suppress fire at its source. The structure of our materials contains microcapsules which are activated in the event of a fire. When activation temperature is reached, capsule shell bursts and releases extinguishing agent. The agent replaces the oxygen, chills the surface, and effectively extinguishes the flame.

Proprietary Technology


FIPRON fire extinguishing products are made using patented technology enabling them to remain in the standby mode for over five years. Microcapsules contained in our product are activated in the event of a fire and automatically extinguish it at the very beginning.

Our Products


FIPRON STICKER is a miniature, autonomous, local fire suppression extinguisher. It is intended to protect against inflammation in the electric sockets, junction boxes, power distribution boards, electric cabinets, and other electrical equipment having confined space of 0.2 to 60 dm3. 


FIPRON CORD is a new generation fire suppression product. It is a cord of composite materials having a mixture of microcapsules with a heating compound. Under the effect of a fire at any point on FIPRON CORD, an initiation of the heating compound occurs with subsequent chemical reaction through its length. The reaction is accompanied by heat discharge which results in the bursting of all microcapsules of extinguishing agent.  


FIPRON PAINT is mostly designed for industrial applications. It is adjustable to the requirements of viscosity, adhesion, working temperature. As a result of the application of FIPRON PAINT any surface acquires the ability to suppress a fire.

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