Wtórplast Group (Poland)

Wtórplast company was created in 1982. At first, the company specialized in plastics processing. In 1987 the company initatied operations related to scrap metals, non-ferrous metals and plastic waste recycling. In 1990 Wtórplast created a battery gauntlet production department, with a modern automatic production line initiated in 2004. This allowed it to use polyester materials for lead-acid batteries (mobile and stationary). Wtórplast became one of the three global leaders in this field. In 2007-2008 the company developed and implemented a technology for decompletion of ammunition and other combat assests, earning a place in the prestigious circle of providers of such services. Wtórplast Group began with the creation of Wtórplast S.A. company in 2010. Wtórplast Group is a provider of high-quality tactical equipment, offering comfort and safety.

Wtórplast Group is an official distributor of FIPRON Products in Poland.

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